Our Work

SubjectToClimate is built around two primary programs: connectors and integrators. 


Primary Programs: Connectors

“Connectors” is our free, easy-to-use hub that connects educators of all grade levels and subjects areas to the resources they need to teach about climate change, including:

“Connectors” aims to increase the number of hours teachers spend teaching about climate change. We accomplish this by including educators in our development process-- from the curation of the resources to the development of the exemplar lesson plans-- so that the resources are truly relevant and supplemental to their classroom.



Primary Programs: Integrators

Through our “Integrators” program, we work with multiple education stakeholders in a state or region to adapt our “Connectors” platform to their local needs. We align our teaching resources to relevant standards and work with their teachers to develop lesson plans on climate issues that resonates with the specific region. 


New Jersey is the first state to integrate climate change into all subjects and grade levels. In 2021, StC joined the New Jersey Climate Change Education Initiative (NJCCEI) to launch the state’s go-to hub for climate change education resources: the New Jersey Climate Change Education Hub (see press release). 


“Integrators” aims to build collaborative partnerships to increase teacher confidence when teaching about climate change and increase instructional time spent on climate change.