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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Heat & Health Tracker

This interactive map resource displays maps and data of heat-related illnesses, historical and projected extreme he...

Crash Course

Work, Energy, and Power

This video defines work, energy, and power and describes how these concepts are related.Students will learn about t...

Gen-Z Media

Doomsday Prepping and Other Adaptation Approaches

This podcast episode features conversations with Emma Tamlin and Julian Tersigni about how people can "prep" for cl...

Population Connection

8 Billion and Growing: World Population Milestones Throughout History

This article describes historical human population levels, how our population has changed over time, why these chan...

Khan Academy

Food Chains and Food Webs

This resource details the ways in which food chains and food webs can represent the flow of energy and matter in ec...


Trees and Paleoclimate Labs

In this three-part lab, students learn about the study of ancient climates through a variety of interactive activit...

Shelburne Farms

The Big Ideas of Sustainability

This poster simplifies the main concepts and ideas of sustainability into one easy-to-follow poster.The main ideas...

Crash Course


In this video, students will be introduced to the first and second laws of thermodynamics and see how heat can be u...

Crash Course


This video explains temperature and the linear or volume changes caused by thermal expansion using the example of b...

Polar Bears International

Sea Ice Ecoregions

This video details the four unique sea ice ecoregions in the Arctic and describes how they are changing and how tho...

Electricity Maps

Climate Impact by Area

This interactive map displays visualized data about the production and consumption of energy for many parts of the...


The Very Simple Climate Model Activity

This interactive activity will get students thinking about carbon emissions, global average temperatures, amounts o...

Climate Change Lessons By Teachers

Explore climate change lessons created by teachers for the subjects you teach.

StC Lesson Plan

Storm Narratives

This lesson introduces students to narratives by young people impacted by severe weather and guides students in wri...

StC Lesson Plan

Digging Into the Secrets of Soil

This lesson introduces the idea of soil as an ecosystem and as a carbon sink. Step 1 - Inquire: Students view a tim...

StC Lesson Plan

Deforestation Odes and Elegies

In this lesson, students learn about deforestation and climate change and respond by writing an ode or an elegy. St...

StC Lesson Plan

El Juego de Peces (Cambio Climático y la Pesca #1)

In this lesson, students play a game about fishing, write a story about what happened, and learn how climate change...

StC Lesson Plan

La Pesca y la Comunidad (Cambio Climático y la Pesca #2)

In this lesson, students explore the impact of climate change on small-scale fishing communities and best practices...

StC Lesson Plan

El Pescado Sostenible (Cambio Climático y la Pesca #3)

In this lesson, students play a game, participate in communicative activities, and research recipes to explore the...

StC Lesson Plan

Plants Without Soil?

This lesson introduces students to the benefits of an aquaponics system, especially in areas where clean soil and w...

StC Lesson Plan

El Colibrí y el Cambio Climático

In this lesson, students learn the importance of migratory hummingbirds and how to help them face the impacts of cl...

StC Lesson Plan

Say What?: Effective Speech Writing

In this lesson, students discuss three effective strategies for talking about climate change, then write and presen...

StC Lesson Plan

Caring for Our Oceans (Emotive Art #3)

This lesson engages students with an environmental issue and allows them to use their artistic skills to create an...

StC Lesson Plan

What Do Colors Show? (Emotive Art #2)

This lesson guides students to explore color in art and the connection of color to emotions. Step 1 - Inquire: Stud...

StC Lesson Plan

What Do We Feel? (Emotive Art #1)

This lesson engages students with identifying their own emotions through responding to artworks with body language,...

News for Students

News articles that can be adjusted to your students' grade levels and enrich their climate learning experience.

Oct 5

Florida Man Braves Hurricane Floodwaters To Rescue Mom

Johnny Lauder and his family in East Naples, Florida, lost most of their belongings to Hurricane Ian...

Oct 5

Fat Bear Week is Back!

It’s “fat” time of year again, when animal lovers vote for their favorite bulky bear.

Oct 5

US Tries to Clean Up Earth’s Orbit with ‘Space Junk’ Rule

The US government wants to take its space junk out of Earth's orbit.

Oct 4

Florida Teen Wins Congressional Gold Medal For Environmental Work

In 2017, Will Charouhis of Coconut Grove, Florida, saw how destructive a hurricane can be.

Oct 4

New York State Plans to Ban Sales of New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

New York state plans to ban the sale of new gas- and diesel-powered cars and light trucks within 13...

Oct 3

Ian’s Aftermath: Dozens Dead, Many without Power or Water, Flooding Continues

Rescue missions continued over the weekend for victims of Hurricane Ian. Ian was one of the most powerful...

Sep 30

Guess Who’s Been Making Music This Whole Time? Woodpeckers

When you're walking through the woods, you’re likely to hear a lot of birds singing.

Sep 30

Russian Pipelines Damaged by Suspected Sabotage are Spewing Methane into Atmosphere

NATO said it will act against whoever may have damaged two major natural gas pipelines. The pipelines con...

Sep 30

Storm Brings Death and Devastation to Florida, Turns to Carolinas and Georgia

Tropical Storm Ian turned back into a hurricane Thursday night.

Sep 29

Scientists Discover Underwater Forests Rival the Amazon Rainforest

Can you name one underwater forest? If not, you have a good excuse — most of them don't have names yet!&...

Sep 29

Damage Mounts as Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall in Florida

Hurricane Ian hit western Florida Wednesday afternoon. It battered the coast with a huge storm surge...

Sep 28

17-Year-Old Ukrainian Invents Landmine-Detecting Drone

When Igor Klymenko was 9 years old, Russia invaded Crimea. That's a peninsula in the southeast of hi...

Sep 28

It’s Puffling Season! Time to Launch Some Birds Off Cliffs!

People on Iceland’s Westman Islands take puffin-chucking seriously.

Sep 28

Young Hispanics Feel Climate Change Effects Firsthand, Lead Fight for Planet

Droughts and floods led Xiye Bastida and her family to flee their small town near Mexico City. They made...

Sep 28

NASA’s DART Mission a Smashing Success

NASA scientists slammed an unmanned spacecraft into an asteroid Monday night.

Sep 27

Chip Bags to Blankets: Upcycling in Action for Those in Need

What would you do with 10,000 empty potato chip bags? Trash them?

Sep 27

Scientists Turn Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes into Malaria-Preventing Messengers

About 24 million people every year get malaria, a deadly disease. The bad guy? Infected mosquitoes.

Sep 26

NASA Will Attempt to Move Asteroid by Crashing Spacecraft Into It

Blowing up asteroids about to hit Earth is usually the stuff of movies. Tonight, NASA will try to nudge an&nbs...

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