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Dec 2

Does Recycling Save Energy?

I don’t know how many hours of my life I’ve spent pulling used tissues and food scraps out of recy...

Nov 12

COP26 Diary

I’ve had the honor of attending COP26, the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference, in Glasgow, Sc...

Oct 27

Hurricane Lesson Plans

Hurricanes (also known as typhoons and cyclones, depending on where they form) are rotating low-pressure weath...

Oct 9

5 Ways to Teach About Heat Waves

After another sweltering summer this year, it’s no wonder that it essentially tied with the 1936 Dust Bo...

Sep 27

My Climate Story

I live in Assam-- a biodiversity rich, climate-impacted state in Northeast India. The diversity of the land mi...

Sep 22

5 Ways to Teach About Air Pollution

If you’re looking to start off the school year with some new resources that easily integrate into your l...

Sep 16

7 Climate Change Hands-On Activities to Keep Kids Engaged

When you think over your time in school, what classroom activities do you remember the best?    I&rs...

Sep 3

Competing with the Heat: How Global Warming Is Changing the Olympics and Paralympics

If your students watched the Olympics, they witnessed one of the hottest Olympics seasons in history. We're no...

Aug 26

Teacher Spotlight: Elizabeth Wade

Elizabeth Wade is a writer, photographer, and environmentalist with experience in teaching, performing scienti...

Aug 19

How Does Deforestation Affect the Water Cycle?

Whether you’re teaching about the water cycle in school or simply curious to learn more about it, there&...

Aug 17

Teacher Spotlight: Michelle Schmidt

Michelle Schmidt is a museum educator working with high school students in Chicago, IL and a member of our Tea...

Aug 16

Teacher Spotlight: Ashley Nelson

As an innovative learning coach at an elementary school in Richmond, VA, Ashley Nelson helps educators incorpo...

Aug 11

Teacher Spotlight: Tammy Perry

Tammy Perry is a science teacher at Oxon Hill Middle School in Fort Washington, Maryland. She has been teachin...

Aug 6

Teaching About Climate Change Just Got Easier

A newly-launched website, SubjectToClimate (StC), connects educators with the resources they need to bring cli...

Aug 1

Teacher Spotlight: Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is an instructional coach at Westmont Junior High School in Westmont, IL and a member of our Tea...

Aug 1

Teacher Spotlight: Sean McFadden

Sean McFadden teaches AP Environmental Science and a climate change elective at Eagle Academy for Young Men in...

Aug 1

Teacher Spotlight: Meighan Hooper

Meighan Hooper is a visual arts teacher at the British School of Bahrain and a member of our Teacher Taskforce...

Jul 30

What Human Activity Uses the Most Water?

When was the last time you had a glass of water?    What about 82 gallons of water?   That&rsqu...

Browse our Collection of Credible, Engaging, and Unbiased Resources.

Global Footprint Network

Footprint Calculator

This interactive web tool will allow students to: Answer questions about their personal choices and living con...

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Yale Climate Opinion Maps 2020

This interactive map shows polling data about climate change mapped to different U.S. geographical areas. A great w...

PhET Interactive Simulations

States of Matter Interactive Simulation

This interactive simulation provides students with an opportunity to explore the three states of matter and their p...

The Wonder of Science

Human Impacts on Earth Systems

This video describes the many ways humans impact the Earth and what topics could be covered at different grade leve...

Google Earth Engine

Google Earth Timelapse - Tokyo's Heat Island Effect

This interactive resource lets students explore 3-D maps, images, text, and data about the heat-island effect in To...

National Geographic

Causes and Effects of Climate Change

In this introductory video students gain background information on the causes and effects of climate change. 

Our World in Data

Environmental Impacts of Food Data Explorer

This interactive resource provides students an opportunity to investigate the environmental impacts of a number of...

Climate Interactive

En-ROADS Climate Solutions Simulator

The En-ROADS simulator helps in understanding how we can achieve our climate goals through changes in energy, land...


What Happens If We Cut Down All of a City’s Trees?

This TED-Ed animated video describes historical examples of trees benefiting human civilizations and provides an ex...

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

Who Is Responsible For Climate Change? – Who Needs To Fix It?

This animated video details the historic emissions of carbon by country and current emissions detailed in a variety...

The Wonder of Science

Biodiversity and Humans

This video discusses what biodiversity is and the many ways humans impact biodiversity through our actions.The firs...

Our World in Data

Kaya Identity: Drivers of CO2 Emissions

This interactive resource allows students to explore the drivers of CO2 emissions in various countries and for the...

StC Lesson Plan

What’s the Best Solution to Climate Change?

This lesson teaches how to write a claim-evidence-reasoning paragraph. Students learn about the best solutions to a...

Global Footprint Network

Footprint Calculator

This interactive web tool will allow students to: Answer questions about their personal choices and living con...

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Yale Climate Opinion Maps 2020

This interactive map shows polling data about climate change mapped to different U.S. geographical areas. A great w...

StC Lesson Plan

Chemistry of Climate Change

In this climate chemistry mini-unit, students begin with an inquiry lab to understand how carbon dioxide creates wa...

StC Lesson Plan

Cities, Trees & Inequality

This lesson is about the distribution and density of trees in urban areas. Overall, there is more tree cover in wea...

My NASA Data

Climate Change Inquiry Lab

Three laboratory experiments investigate factors that drive climate change: increasing concentration of atmospheric...

StC Lesson Plan

What Is a Green Space? (Green Spaces #1)

This lesson introduces the idea of green spaces to students. Step 1 - Inquire: Students generate ideas in response...


Carbon Check: Your Carbon Footprint

This activity provides students a way to perform a carbon check to evaluate their own carbon footprint and provides...

EarthEcho Academy

Snack-Sized Science: Plant Your Paper!

In this 30 minute video students learn how to use shredded paper to make a plantable seed paper.

StC Lesson Plan

Comparing Air Quality Index and Cities: Finding Patterns in Data

In this 2-4 hour mini-unit, students design methods for identifying patterns in data. Using a real-time air quality...

StC Lesson Plan

Is This Greenwashing?

This lesson introduces the concept of greenwashing, or "the process of conveying a false impression or providing mi...

StC Lesson Plan

Renewing Hope: Analyzing Renewable Energy Data

In this lesson, students refresh their knowledge of renewable energy sources while working to improve their data an...

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Dan Castrigano

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Amber Medina

"With StC resources, many of my students, for the first time, were exposed to the idea of building a relationship with nature. They loved learning about how we can build a more sustainable future."