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Project Drawdown

Recycled Paper

This article highlights the role of paper recycling as a climate solution, focusing on the carbon dioxide released by the production of recycled...

Added: 03/27/23

The Kid Should See This

The New Periodic Table Song

This video is a song listing the period table of elements in order, with an image for each one depicting something important about...

Added: 03/27/23

Oregon Department of Energy

OCCRI’s Sixth Climate Assessment Outlines Climate Change Effects on Oregon

This summary briefly describes the findings of the Oregon Climate Change Research In...

Added: 03/27/23

Jill Pelto Gallery

"Snows of Winter Past (2011)"

This piece of art gives a now-and-future view of how climate change will affect the appearance of a beautiful mountain in Washing...

Added: 03/22/23

The Wild Center

Youth Climate Summit Toolkit

This toolkit provides teachers and students with all the guidance they need to have their own Youth Climate Summit.

Added: 03/22/23

The Nature Conservancy

What Is Climate Adaptation?

This animated video explains the concept of climate adaptation and the many ways nature can help us mitigate and adapt to climate c...

Added: 03/22/23


Is This the Real Reason Weather is Getting Wilder?

This interesting video discusses what the jet stream is, how climate change affects the jet stream, future p...

Added: 03/21/23

Scientific American

Exxon Knew About Climate Change Almost 40 Years Ago

This article from Scientific American explains the extent of Exxon's knowledge about carbon emissions and c...

Added: 03/21/23

The Kid Should See This

How to Save Our Frozen Worlds: Clean Energy

This inspirational video and brief article shows that saving the polar regions and other precious ecosystems on Ear...

Added: 03/21/23


UK's Old Trees Critical to Climate Change Fight

This short article and brief video describes recent scientific research that revealed the amount of carbon stor...

Added: 03/16/23

The Kid Should See This

Could Microbes Eat Your Plastic Trash?

This video and brief article discusses the discovery of plastic-eating microbes and the massive problems that plastics h...

Added: 03/15/23

Danielle Lee

Still Waiting Read Aloud [Spanish]

This digital storybook, read in Spanish, tells the story of a polar bear mother and her cub working to survive in a melting...

Added: 03/15/23

Climate Change Lessons By Teachers

Explore climate change lessons created by teachers for the subjects you teach.


Water Is Life: Living in Reciprocity With Local Waterways (Past, Present, and Future)

In this lesson, students learn about the importance of water to Indigenou...

Added: 03/26/23


Water Is Life: Know Your Local Watershed

In this lesson, students learn about watersheds, how human activities impact watersheds, and what communities can do t...

Added: 03/26/23


Song Study: Xiuhtezcatl’s “Broken”

In this lesson, students listen to and analyze the song “Broken” by Xiuhtezcatl, then create their own art project to share...

Added: 03/26/23


Sustainable Solutions to the Petroleum Agenda

In this lesson, students engage in critical media literacy, investigate the impacts of petroleum extraction, and...

Added: 03/18/23


Clean Water and Sanitation

In this lesson, students further their knowledge of redox titrations while examining the pressures that contamination and climate ch...

Added: 03/12/23


Sun Up, Sun Down

In this lesson, students learn about the role the sun plays in our daily lives and how solar energy can be used.

Added: 03/08/23


¿Qué Valores Necesitamos Para Vivir Bien?

In this lesson, students identify the causes and consequences of climate change, explore the Indigenous cosmovision o...

Added: 03/08/23


Coping With Climate Anxiety

In this lesson, students learn about climate anxiety and create a climate anxiety toolkit.

Added: 02/14/23


Physical Change: The State of the Ice Caps

In this lesson, students engage in activities and experiments to explore the concept of physical changes, and apply...

Added: 01/31/23


The Arctic in Infographics

This lesson introduces students to the impacts of climate change on the Arctic.

Added: 12/15/22


Why Does What I Eat Matter? (Climate Change, Food Production, and Food Security #1)

This lesson encourages students to think about their food choices and where...

Added: 12/08/22


How Does Food Production Affect the Planet? (Climate Change, Food Production, and Food Security #2)

This lesson teaches students about the different steps in f...

Added: 12/08/22

News for Students

News articles that can be adjusted to your students' grade levels and enrich their climate learning experience.

Mar 28

In Battle Against Microplastics, Teen’s Invention Makes Waves

When she was in middle school, Anna Du enjoyed walking the beaches near her home, collecting colorful shards o...

Mar 28

Solar System’s Brightest to Converge in Planetary Parade

Want to see five planets at once? Scope out the night sky just after sunset on Tuesday. 

Mar 27

Violent Storms Spawning Tornadoes Kill 26 in Southeast

A series of violent storms swept across the Southeast over the weekend.

Mar 23

2 Billion People Lack Access to Safe Drinking Water, UN Says

Most people in the US and other developed nations take for granted easy access to clean drinking wat...

Mar 23

Indonesia to Move Capital From Jakarta to Brand New ‘Forest’ City

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia , is congested, polluted, and sinking into the ocean.

Mar 22

Report: 43,000 May Have Died From Drought in Somalia in 2022

A long drought may have claimed the lives of 43,000 people in Somalia in 2022.

Mar 21

As World Warms, Scientists Warn of ‘Zombie Viruses’

In recent years, the world has witnessed the harm a novel virus like COVID-19 can cause.

Mar 21

UN Climate Report: World is on ‘Thin Ice’

“Everything, everywhere, all at once” — that’s what United Nations (UN) Secretary Gene...

Mar 20

Strawberries, Spinach Top 2023’s “Dirty Dozen” Pesticides-in-Produce List

Before you pop that next blueberry or grape into your mouth, consider how thoroughly it's been washe...

Mar 20

Invasive Species Threatens Black Widow Spiders

For many, black widows represent the creepiest of the creepy-crawlies.

Mar 17

Study Finds 21,000 Pieces of Ocean Plastic for Every Human on Earth

Two million tons of plastic currently cover the world’s oceans.

Mar 16

Massive Wave of Seaweed Headed Toward Florida Coast

Already facing a toxic red algae bloom on its western coast, Florida is closely watching a giga...

Mar 16

Cyclone Freddy Slams into Southern Africa Again, Killing Hundreds

A devastating tropical storm has struck southern Africa for a rare second time.

Mar 14

Biden Administration Allows Controversial Alaska Oil Drilling to Proceed

The Biden administration announced that it has allowed an oil company to drill in Alaska.

Mar 13

Red Tide Rolls in Early, Alarming Gulf Coast

Floridians and Texans are facing an unwelcome sight this month. Many of their white-sand beaches have been pai...

Mar 10

Californians Brace for Mudslides, Avalanches From Heavy Rain, Snow

California is getting ready for more storms.

Mar 9

Buckle Up! Rides in the Sky Might Get Bumpier

If you’ve ever been on a plane and the ride became especially bumpy, you might want to get used to that...

Mar 8

DNA of Chernobyl Dogs Surprises Scientists, Study Shows

In 1986, the world experienced its worst disaster in the generation of nuclear power for&n...

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Professional Learning

Find the right professional learning opportunity for you or your school, whether it is support for curriculum development or foundational knowledge about climate change.

Presidio Graduate School

Teaching Climate Change Essentials

This six-week professional development program is a comprehensive online course supplying teachers with...

Format: Online: Asynchronous, Online: Synchronous
Date(s) Offered: March 20 - April 28; June 5 - July 14
Center for Sustainable Futures at Teachers College, Columbia University

Youth Sustainability Education in International Energy and Agriculture Development Projects

In this webinar, Assistant Professor of Sustain...

Format: Online: Synchronous
Date(s) Offered: March 29, 9:00am EST
Green Schoolyards America

Community of Practice for Schoolyard Forests

This is an open monthly discussion forum for school districts, county offices of education, an...

Format: Online: Synchronous
Date(s) Offered: March 21, April 18, May 16 at 11:00am PST
Green Ninja

Implementing New Jersey's Climate Change Education Initiative

Green Ninja is offering specialized teacher training to prepare all New Jerse...

Format: In Person, Online: Synchronous
Date(s) Offered: November 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023
Shelburne Farms

ABCs of Farm-Based Education

In this three-day workshop, farmers, farm-based educators, and non-formal educators will gather tips for creat...

Format: In Person
Date(s) Offered: March 31 - April 2, 2023; October 22-24 2023
STEM Teaching Tools

Climate Learning Resources

This page features many resources on many different topics. These resources are divided into six sections: STEM...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

New Jersey State Climate Summary

This guide provides a climate summary for the state of New Jersey, allowing teachers, curriculum specialis...

Format: Online: Asynchronous
Presidio Graduate School

Teaching Extreme Weather

This four-week program is designed to enhance K-12 science teachers’ understanding of the factors that contribute...

Format: Online: Asynchronous
Date(s) Offered: April 3 - April 28; June 12 - July 7
American Museum of Natural History

Climate Change and New Jersey

This four-part, self-paced, interactive course provides information about the climate system and climate chan...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

Climate Mental Health

This guide on climate mental health features many different resources to help teachers navigate teaching about climat...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

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