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StC Lesson Plan

Naturally, We Have a Problem

In this lesson, students analyze videos about students challenging the government to protect natural resources, res...


Write a Letter to Earthly

In this lesson, students will read a short letter from Planet Earthly and will write a response letter. Students wi...

Eco-Anxious Stories

Quick Tips for Eco-Anxiety

This digital poster provides four tips for accepting and transforming your emotions around climate change.The tips...


Climate and Earth's Energy Balance Labs

This hands-on lab introduces students to Earth's energy balance as they investigate both the natural and human-enha...

StC Lesson Plan

Ocean Habitat Changes

This lesson introduces students to the effects of climate change on animals and their habitats. Step 1 - Inquire: S...

Population Connection

Community-Led Solutions in Reproductive Health and Climate Adaptation

This detailed article describes a program in the Philippines that is focused on supporting reproductive rights and...

The Climate Question

What Can We Do to Stop Rising Levels of Methane?

This podcast explores the reason why methane levels continue to rise at a rapid pace, despite pledges that were mad...

Undecided with Matt Ferrell

Why Heat Pumps Are Essential for the Future

This video describes the operation of heat pumps using heat exchangers, which are a more efficient way to operate h...

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine

Decoding Science

This short video talks about the nature of science, describes science as a process, and stresses that knowledge gai...

Rutgers University

State of the Climate: New Jersey 2021 [Report]

This detailed report explains the effects of climate change on New Jersey, such as changes in weather patterns, the...

Rutgers University

State of the Climate: New Jersey 2021 [Infographic]

This infographic highlights some of the most alarming climate trends in the state of New Jersey.Students will learn...

Paleontological Research Institution

What Is Causing the Earth to Warm?

This informational video uses animated graphs, pictures, and climate models to describe the many causes of climate...

News for Students

News articles that can be adjusted to your students' grade levels and enrich their climate learning experience.

Aug 12

Climate Change Could Put Grasshoppers, Crickets, Worms on Menu

For many, it's gross to watch Timon and Pumbaa teach the future Lion King how to snack on insects. In a few ye...

Aug 11

Tonight, Supermoon Makes Final Appearance of 2022

Albert Einstein said, “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”

Aug 11

Drought Disrupts Commerce, Threatens Power Shortages and Wildlife on World’s Waterways

Europe’s drying Rhine River is just days away from being closed to cargo ships. Water levels at Lak...

Aug 10

Mexico Nearing Complete Water Loss Amid Historic Drought

After nearly two months of drought, Mexico is running out of water.

Aug 10

Often Reviled, Waste Pickers Gain New Respect as Environmental Heroes

For too long they were mocked around the world as “rubbish vultures,” “rag and bon...

Aug 9

Hunters Vie for Cash Prizes Snagging Pythons in Florida Everglades

Right now, more than 850 hunters clad in swamp gear and wielding machetes, air and bolt guns, hooks,...

Aug 8

Hotter Sand Leads to All-Female Sea Turtle Populations on Florida Beaches

Climate change is affecting Florida’s sea turtles in an unusual way. It’s turning the po...

Aug 5

In Kenya, Teen Soccer Player Takes Aim at Climate, One Tree at a Time

Score a goal, plant a tree. Lesein Mutunkei has a unique approach to saving forests. Mutunkei i...

Aug 5

UK Panel Finds Likely Link Between Air Pollution and Dementia

A panel of British scientists has found that air pollution likely raises the risk of a person getting dem...

Aug 4

To Go Green, Sprite Ditches Green Bottle

Sprite-lovers have enjoyed the bubbly soft drink in its iconic green plastic bottle for over 60 year...

Aug 2

First Cargo Ships Leave Ukraine Ports After Deal with Russia

The first ship since February to carry grain from war-torn Ukraine sailed from the country Monday. Ukraine and...

Aug 2

One Man’s Battle Against Trash: Florida Writer Removes 10 Tons from the Keys

Andrew Otazo couldn’t stand what he saw happening to the Florida Keys mangroves any longer. Litter just...

Aug 1

New Study Ties Penguin Evolution to Climate Change, Warns About Birds’ Future

Why can’t penguins fly? It’s not because they’re too short to be pilots, as the joke says. N...

Aug 1

Flash Floods Rush Through Kentucky, Taking Lives and Homes

This story was last updated July 31 at 8:15 PM EST. Dozens of people in Kentucky remain unaccounted for. At l...

Jul 29

Humans in 2022 Have Already Consumed What Earth Can Produce in 1 Year

The Earth on Thursday broke a record no one can be proud of. Humankind effectively used up all the p...

Jul 28

Congo Massive Rainforest Auction Alarms Climate Scientists

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) plans to auction up to 27 million acres of rainforest to oil...

Jul 25

Ancient Dinosaur Prints Discovered in China Eatery

A customer at a restaurant in China has pointed scientists to the rare discovery of 100-million-year-old dinos...

Jul 25

Monarch Butterflies Now Endangered, Group Says

North American monarch butterflies are now on “the edge of collapse.”

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