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May 17

China Building 590-Foot 3D Printed Dam With Robots and No Humans

China is planning to build a hydropower dam without any workers. The Asian powerhouse plan...

May 16

A Garden on the Moon? Plants Could Actually Grow There, Scientists Discover

The moon’s surface is covered with a fine, powdery material. It slightly resembles the soft sa...

May 13

Astronomers Unveil First-Ever Image of Milky Way Black Hole

At first glance, the image looks like just a fuzzy splash of color. In reality it’s something far more p...

May 13

Japanese Village With “Zero Waste” Goal Recycles 80% of its Garbage

Thought Question: If you were to make one small change to reduce the amount of waste you produce, what would y...

May 12

The Great Barrier Reef is Turning White. Why Does That Alarm Scientists?

Warming sea temperatures threaten to wipe out huge amounts of Australia’s famed Great Barrier...

May 6

Monster Wildfires Destroy Hundreds of New Mexico Homes, Force Thousands to Evacuate

Monster wildfires scorching New Mexico, including one bigger than the city of Chicago, have destroye...

May 3

India, Pakistan Early Spring Heat Wave Wreaks Havoc

A heat wave in India and Pakistan is melting asphalt, hurting crops, shutting down schools, and setting f...

May 2

Southwest US “Mega-Drought” Sparks Massive Wildfires, Dries Up Reservoirs

The worst drought in 1,200 years in the American Southwest has fueled massive wildfires an...

Apr 29

Corvette Goes Green with Planned Hybrid, Electric Rollout

The iconic Chevy Corvette sports car is going electric.  General Motors (GM) President Mark Re...

Apr 28

Europa May Have Shallow Water Pockets Suitable for Life

The search for alien life in our solar system may have taken a step forward. Scientists discovered similaritie...

Apr 26

Construction Underway for World’s Biggest Pedestrian Bridge for Animals

On Earth Day, last Friday, construction on an overpass over a Los Angeles highway started. The pedestrian...

Apr 25

Eating Seaweed Cuts Greenhouse Gasses from Cows

A UK supermarket chain wants to help save the planet by feeding seaweed to its beef cattle so their burps and...

Apr 25

Dangerous Air Pollution on Rise Across US

More Americans are breathing unhealthy air, including 63 million people in counties suffering from air with da...

Apr 22

How “Green Roofs” Help Save the Planet

In cities across the globe, lush gardens bloom on rooftops. They create a soothing natural retreat, lower...

Apr 22

Earth Day 2022 Rallying Cry: Invest in Our Planet

Today is Earth Day 2022. It's a day on the calendar when billions of people all over the world celebrate and&n...

Apr 20

4 Planets Align in the Morning Sky This Month. Want to See Them?

If you rise before dawn for the next 10 days, you’ll see a rare cosmic display. Jupiter,...

Apr 18

Horn of Africa Faces Drought, Potential Famine

Hundreds of thousands of people in Somalia and South Sudan face a potential famine. Withou...

Apr 13

Check Out This Dinosaur Fossil: It’s 66 Million Years Old!

An exquisitely preserved dinosaur fossil dating back 66 million years when a 7.5-mile wide aste...

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States of Matter Interactive Simulation

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Yale Climate Opinion Maps 2020

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Google Earth Engine

Google Earth Timelapse - Tokyo's Heat Island Effect

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EPA's Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool

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Carbon Check: Your Carbon Footprint

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Our World in Data

Environmental Impacts of Food Data Explorer

This interactive resource provides students an opportunity to investigate the environmental impacts of a number of...

National Geographic

Causes and Effects of Climate Change

In this introductory video students gain background information on the causes and effects of climate change. 

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

Who Is Responsible For Climate Change? – Who Needs To Fix It?

This animated video details the historic emissions of carbon by country and current emissions detailed in a variety...

The Wonder of Science

Human Impacts on Earth Systems

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What Happens If We Cut Down All of a City’s Trees?

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Global Forest Watch

Global Forest Watch Interactive Map

This interactive map visualizes large amounts of data related to forests and land use including tree cover, defores...

StC Lesson Plan

What’s the Best Solution to Climate Change?

This lesson teaches how to write a claim-evidence-reasoning paragraph. Students learn about the best solutions to a...

StC Lesson Plan

Introduction to Renewable Energy (Renewable Energy #1)

Students will learn about renewable and nonrenewable sources, ways they use energy in their everyday lives, and way...

Global Footprint Network

Footprint Calculator

This interactive web tool will allow students to answer questions about their personal choices and living condition...

StC Lesson Plan

Indigenous Communities and the Environment (Green Spaces #3)

This lesson connects Indigenous communities with the natural environment. Step 1 - Inquire: Teacher reviews ecosyst...

My NASA Data

Climate Change Inquiry Lab

Three laboratory experiments investigate factors that drive climate change: increasing concentration of atmospheric...

StC Lesson Plan

What Is a Green Space? (Green Spaces #1)

This lesson introduces the idea of green spaces to students. Step 1 - Inquire: Students generate ideas in response...

EarthEcho Academy

Snack-Sized Science: Plant Your Paper!

In this 30-minute recorded Zoom video, students will learn how to make plantable seed paper out of used shredded pa...

StC Lesson Plan

Renewing Hope: Analyzing Renewable Energy Data

In this lesson, students learn about renewable energy sources while improving their data analysis skills, building...

StC Lesson Plan

Chemistry of Climate Change

In this climate chemistry mini-unit, students begin with an inquiry lab to understand how carbon dioxide creates wa...

StC Lesson Plan

Comparing Air Quality Index and Cities: Finding Patterns in Data

In this 2-4 hour mini-unit, students design methods for identifying patterns in data. Using a real-time air quality...

StC Lesson Plan

Is This Greenwashing?

This lesson introduces the concept of greenwashing, or "the process of conveying a false impression or providing mi...

Our World in Data

Per Capita CO₂ Emissions

This interactive website provides an animated global map, table, and chart of the per capita carbon dioxide emissio...

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