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Jul 6

Non-Profit Started by College Students Rescues Dumpster-Bound Crops to Feed Hungry

More than 38 million Americans face hunger every day. The US throws out 133 billion pounds of food each year....

Jul 5

A Dog’s Life: New DNA Study Helps Us Understand Canine History

Human and animal history often leaves scientists with many questions. But perhaps the relationship b...

Jul 1

“WasteShark” Takes a Big Bite Out of Pollution in Our Seas

It’s just 4 feet long and 3 feet wide, but the waterborne drone WasteShark has a huge appetite...

Jul 1

Scientists Fear Climate Change Could Release Deadly Diseases from Melting Ice

It’s a popular Hollywood trope used in movies: Researchers in a frozen, remote part of the wor...

Jul 1

Supreme Court Ruling Cuts Biden’s Power on Climate Policy

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that the nation’s top law on clean air cannot be used to regu...

Jun 30

Floods Kill Hundreds, Leave Millions Homeless in Southeast Asia

The worst flooding in more than a century in Southeast Asia has killed hundreds of people, washed away towns,...

Jun 29

Biologists Capture 215-Pound Burmese Python in Everglades

In this corner, weighing in at 215 pounds, stretching 18 feet from end to end, the Slithering Sultan of Swamps...

Jun 28

Scientists, Startup Companies Make Biodegradable Plastic from Plants

Imagine finishing your soda and instead of tossing the bottle into the recycling bin, eating it. With new adva...

Jun 28

Canadian Digging for Gold Finds Baby Woolly Mammoth Instead

A gold miner digging in Canada on tribal land found something far more rare than precious rocks. He...

Jun 27

The World’s Longest Suspension Footbridge Stretches Nearly a Half Mile In the Czech Mountains

Would you walk across a swinging footbridge? What if it spans about a half-mile and rises at least 25 stories...

Jun 24

Rare Planetary Alignment Spreads Across Pre-Dawn Sky

Displaying once again a lousy sense of timing, at least for night owls, the universe has scheduled a rare and...

Jun 23

No Crappie, 660-Pound Cambodian Stingray is World’s Biggest Freshwater Catch

This is the biggest big fish story you’ll hear. It's not like the ones you've heard about the monster th...

Jun 23

Deadliest Afghanistan Earthquake In 2 Decades Kills More Than 1,000

A powerful earthquake killed more than 1,000 people Wednesday in a remote region of Afghanistan. At least 1,60...

Jun 22

Earth’s First Floating City Rises Above Indian Ocean

The world’s first floating city is being built. The city is taking shape in the Indian Ocean in the Mald...

Jun 21

Extreme Heat Kills 1,500 a Year, Half of Them Homeless People

The start of summer today brings warnings of deadly extreme heat. It claims some 1,500 lives a year. Half...

Jun 15

49 Million At Risk of Famine in World Hunger ‘Catastrophe,’ UN Warns

Some 49 million have been driven to the brink of famine, the United Nations World Food Program...

Jun 14

Firm Turns Menacing, Invasive Lionfish Into Fashionable Faux Leather Products

Nearly 40 years ago, aquarium owners dumped a handful of predator fish into Florida waters. Now, two...

Jun 13

Scorching Heat Wave Blisters Southwest, Headed East

A heat wave swept across the Southwest over the weekend. More than 53 million people were under heat warnings....

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This interactive web tool will allow students to answer questions about their personal choices and living condition...

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States of Matter Interactive Simulation

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Google Earth Engine

Google Earth Timelapse - Tokyo's Heat Island Effect

This interactive resource lets students explore 3-D maps, images, text, and data about the heat-island effect in To...

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Yale Climate Opinion Maps

This interactive map shows polling data about climate change for a variety of questions and statements that are map...


EPA's Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool

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Carbon Check: Your Carbon Footprint

This activity provides a way for students to evaluate their own carbon footprints and to explore many ways of reduc...

Our World in Data

Environmental Impacts of Food Data Explorer

This interactive resource provides students an opportunity to investigate the environmental impacts of a number of...

The Wonder of Science

Human Impacts on Earth Systems

This video describes the many ways humans influence the four major Earth systems: the geosphere, hydrosphere, biosp...

National Geographic

Causes and Effects of Climate Change

In this introductory video students gain background information on the causes and effects of climate change. 

Global Forest Watch

Global Forest Watch Interactive Map

This interactive map visualizes large amounts of data related to forests and land use including tree cover, defores...

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

Who Is Responsible For Climate Change? – Who Needs To Fix It?

This animated video details the historic emissions of carbon by country and current emissions detailed in a variety...


What Happens If We Cut Down All of a City’s Trees?

This TED-Ed animated video describes historical examples of trees benefiting human civilizations and explains why t...

StC Lesson Plan

What’s the Best Solution to Climate Change?

This lesson teaches how to write a claim-evidence-reasoning paragraph. Students learn about the best solutions to a...

StC Lesson Plan

Introduction to Renewable Energy (Renewable Energy #1)

Students will learn about renewable and nonrenewable sources, ways they use energy in their everyday lives, and way...

Global Footprint Network

Footprint Calculator

This interactive web tool will allow students to answer questions about their personal choices and living condition...

StC Lesson Plan

Indigenous Communities and the Environment (Green Spaces #3)

This lesson connects Indigenous communities with the natural environment. Step 1 - Inquire: Teacher reviews ec...

My NASA Data

Climate Change Inquiry Lab

Three laboratory experiments investigate factors that drive climate change: increasing concentration of atmospheric...

StC Lesson Plan

What Is a Green Space? (Green Spaces #1)

This lesson introduces the idea of green spaces to students. Step 1 - Inquire: Students examine the idea...

StC Lesson Plan

Renewing Hope: Analyzing Renewable Energy Data

In this lesson, students learn about renewable energy sources while improving their data analysis skills, building...

EarthEcho Academy

Snack-Sized Science: Plant Your Paper!

In this 30-minute recorded Zoom video, students will learn how to make plantable seed paper out of used shredded pa...


Making a Solar Oven

This activity from the US Department of Energy teaches students about solar ovens and provides instructions on buil...

StC Lesson Plan

Chemistry of Climate Change

In this climate chemistry mini-unit, students begin with an inquiry lab to understand how carbon dioxide creates wa...

Our World in Data

Per Capita CO₂ Emissions

This interactive website provides an animated global map, table, and chart of the per capita carbon dioxide emissio...

StC Lesson Plan

Comparing Air Quality Index and Cities: Finding Patterns in Data

In this 2-4 hour mini-unit, students design methods for identifying patterns in data. Using a real-time air quality...

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