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About SubjectToClimate™

We envision a world where everyone feels empowered to take action in solving climate change. To create this future, climate action begins in the classroom.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make climate change teaching and learning accessible to all. By enabling educators from all subjects and grade levels to teach about climate change, we believe that the next generation will be inspired to take climate action.

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Captain Climate

Our mascot, Captain Climate, is a timeless superhero who is ageless, genderless, and race-less to help every student feel empowered to make a change and navigate climate resources. Captain Climate is new yet familiar through its depiction of Earth.

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Our Team

Behind the scenes, we have a talented and hardworking team of former and current teachers, scientists, and climate activists. We are grateful for guidance from our advisory board and board of directors who are experts in their fields.

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About Our Work

Our work centers around two primary programs: core platform and customized regional hubs. We connect educators to resources, and we collaborate with localized stakeholders to integrate our platform to their needs.

Primary Programs: Core Platform

Our core platform (www.subjecttoclimate.org) is our free, easy-to-use hub that connects educators of all grade levels and subject areas to the resources they need to teach about climate change

How: We aim to increase the number of hours teachers spend teaching about climate change. We accomplish this by including educators in our development process - from the curation of the resources to the development of the exemplar lesson plans - so that the resources are truly relevant and supplemental to their classroom.

Curated Resources

We curate as well as add teaching tips and scientist notes to resources from partner organizations.

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Lessons by teachers

We produce teacher-developed lesson plans that show educators how to integrate climate change into what they already teach.

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News for Students

We partnered with The Juice to provide news articles differentiable by reading level.

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Relevant Professional Learning

We curate professional learning opportunities for teachers to deepen their understanding of climate change and teaching pedagogy.

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Interactive support center

In partnership with the MIT Climate Portal, we developed a help center that answers questions about climate science and pedagogical strategies.

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ClimateSocrates Help Center

Primary Programs: Customized Regional Hubs

We work with multiple education stakeholders in a state or region to adapt our core platform to their local needs and create a customized regional hub to support climate change education, that has:

A customized URL and landing page

All the resources in our core platform aligned with their state standards.

Additional state-centric teaching resources and professional learning opportunities

Exemplar state-centric lesson plans created by educators within the state

We aim to build collaborative partnerships to increase teacher confidence when teaching about climate change and increase instructional time spent on climate change.

New Jersey Climate Education Hub

New Jersey Climate hub

New Jersey is the first state to integrate climate change into all subjects and grade levels. In 2021, StC joined the New Jersey Climate Change Education Initiative (NJCCEI) to launch the state’s go-to hub for climate change education resources: the New Jersey Climate Change Education Hub.

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Future state partnerships

We are excited to partner with additional states and regions looking to implement climate education in their schools.

A Case Study of Climate Education

This case study examines New Jersey, the first state in the U.S. to incorporate climate change education across its K-12 learning standards in its 2020 New Jersey Student Learning Standards update. We look primarily at implementation strategies and key takeaways for other states & groups interested in achieving a similar initiative.

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Involve Teachers

Teachers are our greatest assets in education, and successful integration of climate change education necessitates teacher involvement throughout the process.

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Provide Professional Learning

To effectively integrate climate change education, teachers need access to substantive professional learning and a variety of educational resources, as well as support from school administrators, curriculum supervisors, and school board members.

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Implement Changes Incrementally

Incremental additions of climate change education as part of a regularly occurring standards update seem to effectively encourage teachers to implement the change while minimizing the burden on teachers and schools.

Research Papers

Learn more about research conducted by our research team.

Climate Change Education in Primary School Classrooms

Climate Change Education in Primary School Classrooms

Upon completion of a SubjectToClimate unit, a class of third graders demonstrated a noticeable change in climate change beliefs and knowledge, thus emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary climate change education.

New Jersey Exemplar Lessons

New Jersey Exemplar Lessons

As a result of the measures taken by the StC team to establish quality of their curricular resources, in concert with our reliability study, we can agree and say with confidence that the lesson plan rubric is being used reliably by knowledgeable teachers.

Climate Change Education in Primary School Classrooms

NJ Teachers' Perspectives on the Implementation of K-12 Climate Change Standards

After one semester of integrating climate change education standards into state curricula, New Jersey educators still lacked sufficient professional development resources and faced uncertainty when teaching climate change in subjects other than science. However, educators who used the New Jersey Climate Education Hub reported higher levels of confidence in their preparedness to implement the new standards and were more familiar with the resources available to them.

Climate Change Education in Primary School Classrooms

Root for Innovation: A Case Study of Professional Development on Climate Change for Hawai'i Educators

SubjectToClimate, Elemental Excelerator, and Teach for America Hawai’i teamed up to host a six-week long professional development course for Hawai’i educators, whereby they were able to improve their knowledge about climate change and confidence in teaching about it. After completing the training, educators feel more capable teaching about climate change and express a desire to integrate it into their curricula more frequently.

Annual Reports & Financials

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2023 - Annual Report

We are thrilled to share our 2023 annual report, which highlights our user base expansion, our platform's growth, the successful launch of new programs, as well as the addition of three state Hubs. We invite you to read the report to learn more about where we've been, and where we are going!

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2022 - Annual Report

We are thrilled to share our inaugural annual report, which highlights our platform's growth, user base expansion, and the successful launch of new features since our inception in 2021. We invite you to peruse the report and discover our achievements.

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2021 - 990 Tax Form

The 990 tax form displays our income and expenditures for the year 2021, providing evidence of adherence to our 501c3 tax designation.

Why partner with SubjectToClimate™?

Join over 60 organizations who have partnered with us to showcase their climate resources on our website.

Benefits of partnerships

StC can function as a feeder for your organizations’ materials. A partnership with StC will enable both of us to elevate our complementary missions.

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State partnership

We are excited to partner with states and districts looking to implement climate education in their schools to create unique hubs that serve their teachers’ needs.

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Request to partner

Interested in partnering with SubjectToClimate™? Contact us and we look forward to discussing a partnership model that mutually serves us.

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As a nonprofit organization, we are always looking for support to help us in our goal to enhance climate knowledge and inspire action by making climate change teaching and learning accessible to all.

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If you are an educator, you can help us create and review high-quality climate change lessons. Not an educator, but care about our work? Submit a volunteer interest form to find a volunteer opportunity that suits your skills and interests.

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Career Opportunities

We are a growing team and are always looking for new talent to scale our impact! Learn about career opportunities with our many departments: content management, marketing, platform, research, teacher taskforce, scientist reviewers, and more.

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Join a community of educators also teaching about climate change.

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