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Welcome to SubjectToClimate's English Language Arts resource guide, designed for every ELA classroom, regardless of grade level, to provide valuable resources and advice for educators. From our 500+ ELA resources, we have selected a variety of lessons, unit plans, activities, and more to aid your students in developing their reading and writing skills.

While your learners engage in reading and writing lessons, they will also be exploring climate-related themes such as environmental literature, creative writing on sustainability, and analyzing news articles on climate issues. Elevate your teaching today by connecting ELA instruction with climate education, empowering your students to become confident readers, skilled writers, and critical thinkers in the context of environmental challenges.

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SubjectToClimate's ELA guide aims to provide you with valuable resources and strategies to enhance students' reading and writing skills. Through this, we hope to assist educators like you in integrating climate change topics while simultaneously fostering critical thinking skills, environmental literacy, and a deeper understanding of the world we live in.

In our commitment to fostering comprehensive literacy skills, we offer free lesson plans across all grades in elementary school, middle school, and high school. Our guides encompass a wide range of topics from creative writing about environmental issues to reading comprehension of informational text. These resources are crafted to align with Common Core Standards (CCSS) and are easily integrated into your existing language arts lesson plans.

Whether you're conducting a class period focused on media literacy or a small group session on constructing inferences from a short story, our materials are designed to be flexible and printable, complete with worksheets, graphic organizers, and handouts to enhance the writing process and reading strategies. Take the next step in transforming your ELA instruction and inspire students to become compassionate, informed, and engaged global citizens. Visit for more lesson plans, resources, and professional development opportunities.

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