English Language Arts
Resource Guide

English Language Arts Resource Guide

Welcome to SubjectToClimate's English Language Arts resource guide, designed for every ELA classroom, regardless of grade level, to provide valuable resources and advice for educators. From our nearly 400 ELA resources, we have selected a variety of lessons, unit plans, activities, and more to aid your students in developing their reading and writing skills. While your students engage in reading and writing they will also be exploring climate-related themes such as environmental literature, persuasive writing on sustainability, and analyzing news articles on climate issues. Elevate your teaching today by connecting ELA instruction with climate education, empowering your students to become confident readers, skilled writers, and critical thinkers in the context of environmental challenges.


Fun and engaging reading resources for everyone, from animated poems to graphic novels.

Read: "What Happened When We All Stopped"

"What Happened When We All Stopped"

Grades K-12

This animated poem, read by Jane Goodall, shows what happened when people slowed down during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Read: A Kid's Guide to Climate Change

A Kid's Guide to Climate Change

Grades 3-8

Engage students with a relatable graphic novel that follows a young person and their climate change education journey.

Read: Everyday Stories of Climate Change

Everyday Stories of Climate Change

Grades 8-12

This graphic novel presents the stories of low-income families from five different countries and how they experience climate change.

Graphic Novels & Comic Books
Without Warning! Wildfire Comic Book
Picture Books & Read Alouds
Adesh's Deep Sea Dive
Saving Planet Earthly
Why is Coco Orange?
Nonfiction for High School
Climate Poverty Connections Report
Living Blue Planet Report
Climate Change 2021: Summary for All
ESL Reading Activities
Elementary GLOBE Air Quality Module
Elementary GLOBE Soils Module
Elementary GLOBE Water Module
"Pale Blue Dot, We Will Fail You Not": A Poetry Lesson
Write Your Own Ekphrastic Poem
Nonfiction for Middle School
Endangered Species Act
Heat: Planetary Balance
How Will Dragonflies Adapt to a Warmer Earth?
Student News

These news articles are designed with built-in differentiation options for grades 5-12, ensuring inclusive and adaptable learning and discussion experiences for every learner in your classroom.

Disappearing Himalayan Glaciers Threaten Lives Downstream
Baby Octopuses
Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Skills Practice

Practice important ELA skills from listening and speaking to research and media literacy.

Vocabulary Words
Creatures A to Z
Song Study
Public Speaking
Climate Change and Public Health
Say What?: Effective Speech Writing
Youth Climate Summit Toolkit
Public Speaking
Headline and High Water
Climate Change Local Research
History of Climate Science Research
Public Speaking
Climate Change Impacts
Discovery of the Ozone Hole
Evaluating Personal Perspectives
Writing Practice

Practice a variety of writing skills, structures, and approaches to promote effective climate communication.

Sun Up, Sun Down
The (Not So) Great Garbage Patches
Arctic Youth Climate Stories
Is This Greenwashing?
Write and Perform a Climate Monologue
Artistic Slogans and Parallel Structure
Teacher Advice

Get tips and ideas on the best ways to integrate our resources into your language arts lessons.

Climate Change Communication
YALE Program on Climate Change Communication

Climate Change Communication

Discover the best lessons and strategies for teaching about effective climate change communication.

Climate Change Discussion Questions for ESL

Climate Change Discussion Questions for ESL

Facilitate climate change discussions for ESL students through a range of resources from interactive activities to videos and full lessons. 

Teacher PD

Explore a variety of professional development opportunities, including courses, articles, and more.

Talking With Green Teachers Podcast

Talking With Green Teachers Podcast

Explore the world of environmental education by tuning in to this podcast that aims to fosters dialogue and collaboration among diverse voices in the teaching field.

Controversy in the Classroom: Strategies for Managing Climate Change Discourse

Strategies for Managing Climate Change Discourse

Equip yourself with the resources and strategies to navigate the controversial aspects of climate change by exploring this resource.

Elementary Teaching Strategies

Elementary Teaching Strategies

Investigate eight effective teaching strategies for elementary educators to teach about climate change. 

Closing Thoughts

SubjectToClimate's ELA guide aims to provide you with valuable resources and strategies to enhance students' reading and writing skills while also supporting you with professional development opportunities and teaching advice. Through this, we hope to assist educators like you in integrating climate change topics while simultaneously fostering critical thinking skills, environmental literacy, and a deeper understanding of the world we live in. Take the next step in transforming your ELA instruction and inspire students to become compassionate, informed, and engaged global citizens.

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