Earth Day Guide

Earth Day Guide

This Earth Day, take a minute to reflect on the ways we can help care for our planet. How do you plan to teach your students about the importance of caring for the Earth? Whether you are looking for hands-on projects, inspirational videos, engaging lesson plans, or full units, this guide has you covered!


SubjectToClimate recognizes the need for environmental education in every classroom, which is why our guide is designed for teachers of all subjects! The guide contains resources for students in grades K-12, including fun activities and engaging writing prompts. Teachers are supplied with free classroom displays, helpful articles, and blog posts with teaching tips.

Activities & Worksheets

Celebrate Earth Day with these exciting activities for every grade level!

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Fun Games

Engage students this Earth Day with these fun games.

Climate Wordle

Using their climate knowledge, students can play a vocabulary game with a climate-themed twist by guessing the daily word.

Nature Memory Game

Students play a memory game with the artist-designed nature themes of coral reefs, the Amazon, rainforest animals, food crops, and world landmarks.

Vibrant Classroom Displays

Decorate your classroom for Earth Day with these printable name tags, bookmarks, posters, banners, bulletin cards, certificates, and table signs. 

Lessons By Teachers

Explore our collection of ready-to-use lesson plans - created by teachers like you - that aim to educate students about the impacts of climate change on the Earth.


Comprehensive Unit Plans

Investing in our planet means taking renewable energy seriously. Use our multi-lesson unit plans to teach students about alternatives to fossil fuels.

Credible Teaching Resources

Utilize these engaging resources to share the history behind Earth Day, discuss why it is important to invest in our planet, and encourage students to take action. 

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Blogs For Teachers

Learn how to integrate our Earth Day resources into your lessons.

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Writing Activities for Earth Day

Teaching students how to be excellent writers improves their abilities to communicate and enhances their creativity. Most importantly, writing develops critical thinkers. We have gathered lesson plans, videos, and interactive stories to teach writing activities this Earth Day. 

10 Climate Change Games for the Classroom

Educational games are a fantastic way to boost student motivation and help them develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By using climate change games in the classroom, you will inspire students to learn about the impacts of climate change, find solutions, and take action.

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News for Students

Share highlights about the planet this Earth Day using our news articles tailored for different reading levels.

Stay informed on current events

Professional Learning

Enhance your knowledge using our professional development courses, workshops, and more.

ClimateSocrates Articles 

Boost your understanding of climate change by using our articles written in collaboration with MIT, and pedagogical articles written by our teacher task force members.


Engage your students and get them excited about protecting our planet.

Springbay Studios brings to you the League for Green Leaders competition! It offers an award-winning game-based learning experience that engages students in science and environmental literacy. This competition aligns well with NGSS, Common Core Science Standards, 2020 New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS), Washington Integrated Environmental and Sustainability K-12 Learning Standards, and many other learning standards. This makes the League program perfect for supplementing your Earth Day lesson plans. Hear from the previous participants: Watch the video! Want to know more? Sign up here for a free sample of the League for Green Leaders learning activities.