Captain Climate Announcement

Captain Climate Announcement

SubjectToClimate is thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team, Captain Climate. SubjectToClimate’s relatable and engaging mascot will help support students to navigate our student-facing climate change resources and help students feel empowered to make a change and be a superhero!




Captain Climate helps students feel empowered to be a superhero and take climate action.

Let Captain Climate be the mascot of your classroom or the star of Earth Day.


Captain Climate helps students navigate our interactive games and awards students with badges.

Earth Day Classroom Theme Pack

Every classroom needs a mascot! Why not make yours Captain Climate? We have prepared a FREE classroom theme pack that includes the following: 

  • Earth Day banner
  • Editable student name tags
  • Bookmarks
  • Earth Day bulletin board banner 
  • Growth Mindset cards
  • Table signs
  • Posters

Where Are All the Trees?

In this interactive game, students take on the role of an urban planner to determine where in Los Angeles to plant more trees. Students will respond to questions from their new “boss”,  examine data, and review case studies. Through scenario-based learning, students will get first-hand experience on how their choices in the “workplace” can impact communities. They will also learn how the distribution and density of trees in cities is related to race and income. 

To earn their Urban Forest Badge from Captain Climate, students must answer the correct questions and impress their “boss." This game is based on our SubjectToClimate lesson plan Cities, Trees & Inequality. We recommend incorporating this game during the Investigation stage of this lesson plan. 

What Type of Shopper Are You?

In this game, students gain insights as to what type of shopper they are and how susceptible to greenwashing they are. During the game, students review ten video advertisements and decide if they would purchase the product by selecting one of four potential responses. Each of the responses represents one of the four types of shoppers: competitive, methodical, spontaneous, and humanistic. 

This game is an excellent way for students to experience how companies use greenwashing to sway consumers. At the end of the game, students earn their Greenwashing Badge from Captain Climate! This game is based on our SubjectToClimate lesson plan Is This Greenwashing? Teachers could assign this game during the Investigation stage of the lesson so that students could explore real life.

The Best Solutions to Climate Change

In this interactive fortune-telling game, students explore four potential solutions to climate change and get their "fortunes" read using informational "Tarot" cards about empowering girls and women, eliminating food waste, using more renewable energy, and switching to plant-rich diets. 

Students will watch a short video about each solution, choose the solution they think is the best, and answer questions to see if the solution they chose aligns with their answers. 

These games and their accompanying lessons would be ideal to teach this Earth Day!