Back to School Ideas for Teachers in 2023

Back to School Ideas for Teachers in 2023

As the beginning of the school year approaches quickly, we know teachers are getting ready to welcome students back to the classroom. At SubjectToClimate, we understand that this is an exciting, yet incredibly busy time for educators. In this guide, you will find back to school activities and ideas to help you prepare for the school year and stay resilient throughout it, ensuring a strong start and a successful year ahead. Keep this guide handy as you build your scope and sequence and incorporate our back to school ideas with important climate change topics into your regular curriculum.


Our back to school resources go beyond lesson plans. With classroom decorations, differentiated articles, educational games, and even whole units, these back to school activities are curated to engage and inspire students in grades K-12 from day one. By seamlessly integrating climate change education into all subjects, we aim to provide you with the tools to empower your students with knowledge about climate change and its impact. Lean on us as you prepare for the upcoming school year and utilize this guide to create an engaging learning environment where your students can become passionate and informed environmental stewards.


Utilize these printable Captain Climate-themed signs, bell ringers, songs, poems, coloring sheets, journal prompts, and visual schedules in your classroom, adjustable based on grade level.

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Bundles: K-2 Back to School
Bundles: 3-5 Back to School
Bundles: 6-8 Back to School
Bundles: 9-12 Back to School
Classroom Displays

Printable materials that will enhance your classroom, including name tags, posters, banners, bulletin cards, and more!

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Poster: Reflective
Bulletin Board
Poster: Thinker
Poster: Balanced
Word Wall
Name Tags
Poster: Inquirer
Lesson Plans

Ready-to-use lesson plans covering a range of climate change topics created by teachers like you.

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Lesson Plan: Digging into the Secrets of Soil
Lesson Plan: Physical Change: The State of the Ice Caps
Lesson Plan: Desalination Exploration
Unit Plans

A collection of sequential lesson plans that dive into the importance of caring for the Earth and the life it supports in conjunction with subjects like art, math, and Spanish!

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Unit: Art for the Earth

Engage and educate with a large variety of interactive games that offer a fun and immersive way to learn about climate change and environmental topics.

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Games: Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jumble

Grades: 2-6

Solidify composting knowledge by sorting through food scraps virtually.

Games: The Fish Game

The Fish Game

Grades: 5-10

Take on the role of a fisherman in this online game to explore sustainable fishing methods.

Games: Ecosystem Services BINGO!

Ecosystem Services BINGO!

Grades: 3-12

Adventure outdoors to learn about the ecosystem services provided by nature within the local community.


Credible, engaging, and unbiased resources that explore a wide variety of topics and emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of climate change, providing tailored content for each grade, from kindergarten to high school!

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K-2: Web of Life
K-2:Save the Sea Turtles
K-2:Here Comes the Sun!
K-2:The Air We Breathe
3-5: Ocean Activity Book
3-5: Earth's Rotation
3-5: Magic of Mangroves
3-5: Polar Bear Facts
6-8: Habitats of Fish
6-8: Bird Watching
6-8: Journey North Maps
6-8: Four Spheres
9-12: Arctic Fish
9-12: Impact of Concrete
9-12: Coral Bleaching
9-12: History of Earth
Blogs: Advice From Teachers

Get tips and ideas on the best ways to integrate our resources into your lessons.

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Blog: Climate Change Concept Map

Climate Change Concept Map

This blog includes resources that teach students how to create and use concept maps so they can understand how climate change topics are related.

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Climate Change Activities for Kindergarten

This blog features climate change activities for kindergarten students, along with ideas for how to incorporate the activities into the curriculum.

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Blog: Climate Change Activities for Kindergarten
Student News

News articles designed with built-in differentiation options for grades 5-12, ensuring inclusive and adaptable learning and discussion experiences for every learner in your classroom.

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News: Canada Wildfires Headed for Record, While Smoke Forces Northern US Indoors
News: Thinking About Hitting the Beach in California This Summer? So are Great Whites
News: A Can-Do Plan: Nigerian School Accepts Recyclables as Tuition
Teacher PD

Explore a variety of professional development opportunities, including courses, workshops, and more.

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Talking With Green Teachers Podcast
Climate Solutions 101
Climate Mental Health
Next Steps
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As the new school year approaches, this guide will equip you with the tools to deepen your climate change knowledge and inspire students to become environmental stewards. Click here to explore additional resources, lesson plans, learning opportunities, and more themed guides, and access the educational support you deserve. We are currently working on 3 new back to school guides, please check back soon!

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