2024 Earth Day Activity Guide for 3-5

2024 Earth Day Activity Guide for 3-5
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Discover a world of eco-friendly fun with our Earth Day Guide for 3rd-grade to 5th-grade teachers! Packed with engaging lessons, classroom activities, worksheets, and games, this Earth Day resource empowers young learners with environmental education to explore and celebrate our planet Earth while fostering a lifelong love for environmental stewardship. Join us in making Earth Day an exciting and impactful experience for your students.

A Fun Way to Learn on Earth Day!

In this bundle, you will find a variety of resources to use in your classroom. Students can read the English book I Can Help the Earth! during reading time, create their own Earth Day poster, and participate in group activities and art projects.

Earth Day Activity Bundle (K-5)

Just Print and Go!

Support classroom learning experiences with Earth Day-themed word wall templates, art activities, writing prompts, and printable worksheets format. It is easy to integrate Earth Day into your normal curriculum with these great supplemental resources.

Earth Day Activities (3-5)

Lessons by Teachers, for Teachers

Looking for lessons to teach on Earth Day? Check out these lesson plans by Tana Shepherd and Christa Delaney to teach about the impacts of plastics and other wastes on the environment.

Tana Shepard

Meet The Teacher Who Created: The (Not So) Great Garbage Patches

Tana Shepard used to teach elementary students and currently has a role as a Climate, Energy and Conservation teacher supporting K-12 students.

The (Not So) Great Garbage Patches
Christa Delaney

Meet The Teacher Who Created: Solutions to Multiplying Plastic

Christa Delaney was a teacher for 18 years at Egg Harbor Township High School. She currently teaches Advanced Placement Environmental Science but she has taught grade levels 9-12 earth science and biology.

Solutions to Multiplying Plastic

Engaging Activities

Increase student engagement through these fun and hands-on learning games, projects, and writing activities.

Crossword on Endangered Animals

This digital crossword puzzle features images, information, and vocabulary about endangered plants and animals.

Crossword on Endangered Animals
Energy Card Game
Paint for the Climate
Nature Observing for Climate Change

Take Action for Earth Month

Celebrate Earth Month by taking one action a day! Explore a calendar full of resources chosen for each day of Earth Month and add it to your bulletin board. Whether you are looking to teach a whole lesson or simply share a video with your students, you can find what you are looking for here!

Earth Month Calendar

Next Steps

Equip your students with the knowledge and passion to make a difference – the journey to a greener future starts with these simple yet powerful Earth Day activities, which can be easily incorporated into subjects like Social Studies, English Language Arts (ELA), Science, etc., all following Common Core Standards. Happy teaching! 

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