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Oregon Department of Environmental Quality and Greenstate Podcast


9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, AP® / College


Science, Social Studies, Economics, Engineering

Resource Type

  • Podcast, 28 minutes, 42 seconds

Regional Focus

Global, North America, United States, USA - West, Oregon

Lauren Test Drives an EV

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  • This podcast describes the experience of test driving an electric vehicle and the questions an individual might wonder before purchasing one.
  • The narrator describes the costs of electric vehicles, tax incentives and rebates, and the logistics behind charging the vehicle.
  • This podcast addresses many concerns an individual may have about purchasing an electric vehicle, like driving range, ease of driving, and charging availability.
Teaching Tips


  • Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and available, so this podcast is a great resource for students to become more aware of relevant green technology.
  • Many students may not have purchased a car before, so a resource such as this can help them become more mindful and informed consumers.
  • The text on the podcast webpage links to helpful websites explaining rebates and chargers.

Additional Prerequisites

  • Students should be familiar with the differences between automatic, manual, and electric vehicles.
  • Students should understand how rebates and tax incentives can motivate individuals in their purchasing decisions.


  • Before listening to the podcast, ask students what they think is the future of personal transportation and vehicles.
  • Have students research a different electric vehicle than the one mentioned in the podcast and report their findings.
  • For an interdisciplinary exercise, have students compare and contrast the cost of a road trip across the country in an electric vehicle versus a gas-powered vehicle.
  • If students are of driving age, encourage them to test drive an electric vehicle with a trusted adult.
Scientist Notes
In this podcast episode, the hosts, Lauren and Dylan, discuss electric vehicles, the process of buying them, maintaining them, and using them. Lauren then interviews an EV car salesman and discusses her experience test-driving some EVs. They also discuss some of the financials of buying an EV, such as rebates and tax incentives. This podcast answers common questions students and others may have about electric vehicles, however, it does not discuss the technology behind EVs and their environmental impact, which are often questions asked about EVs. The website also includes links to relevant resources. This resource is recommended for teaching.
  • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
    • ESS3: Earth and Human Activity
      • HS-ESS3-4 Evaluate or refine a technological solution that reduces impacts of human activities on natural systems.
    • ETS1: Engineering Design
      • HS-ETS1-3 Evaluate a solution to a complex real-world problem based on prioritized criteria and trade-offs that account for a range of constraints, including cost, safety, reliability, and aesthetics, as well as possible social, cultural, and environmental impacts.
  • Common Core English Language Arts Standards (CCSS.ELA)
    • Speaking & Listening (K-12)
      • CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.SL.11-12.3 Evaluate a speaker's point of view, reasoning, and use of evidence and rhetoric, assessing the stance, premises, links among ideas, word choice, points of emphasis, and tone used.
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