• Course

Target Grade Level

  • 9-12

Target Subject Area

Health, Justice, Science, Social Studies


  • Climate Change Basics
    • Causes
    • Impacts
  • Teaching Methods
    • Environmental Justice

Introduction to Climate Change, Extreme Weather Events, Sustainability and Environmental Justice for HS Students (and Supervising Teachers) in Career-Technical Education in NJ

Provider: Rutgers School of Public Health and NJ Safe Schools Program
Cost: Free
Format: Online: Asynchronous
Regions: New Jersey, North America, United States, USA - Northeast
Date Offered: July 11, 2022 through June 20, 2023
Length of Time: 2 hours
Continuing Education Credit: Not Available

Please email the New Jersey Safe Schools Program (NJSS) team at cscbre@sph.rutgers.edu to be enrolled in this asynchronous training course on Rutgers Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) entitled, “Introduction for NJ High School Career-Technical Education Students [and their supervising teachers] to Climate Change, Sustainability, and Environmental Justice.” Then, the NJSS team will create an account for you in Canvas LMS so you can accept an invitation to complete this course.

[Two studies have been published showing the success of this course. They are linked below.]

Shendell, D., Black, L., Way, Y., Aggarwal, J., Campbell, M., & Nguyen, K. Knowledge, Attitudes and Awareness of Public High School Students Regarding Concepts and Environmental Health Aspects of Climate Change, Sustainability and Environmental Justice. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2023, 20(3), 1922. https://doi.org/10.3390/ijerph20031922

Black LF, Li K, Shendell DG. Expanding Awareness of Climate Change, Sustainability, and Environmental Health through an Introductory Short Online Course for High School Students. Elsevier EXPLORE: Health and Environment, 2022, 18 (3): 381-383. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S1550830722000386?via%3Dihub

About the Organization

Rutgers School of Public Health and NJ Safe Schools Program

After discussions at the Alliance for New Jersey Environmental Education Annual Conference held virtually online over two weeks in the winter of 2021, the New Jersey Safe Schools Program at Rutgers School of Public Health partnered with colleagues through the NJ Commission on Environmental Education to develop this new, free, and topical course to benefit secondary school students and their teachers in career and technical education. Topics include sustainability, climate change, environmental justice, and connections to environmental public and community health.