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Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops Documentary Showcase

Provider: Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops
Cost: Free
Format: Online: Synchronous
Region: Global
Date Offered: September 21, 5:00pm EST
Length of Time: 2 hours
Continuing Education Credit: Not Available

Registrants will view five short films on climate feedback loops and hear from guest speakers Melanie Wallace, Miles Stevenson, and Bill Moomaw.

About the Organization

Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops

While most people have heard of global warming, few understand environmental feedback loops, which are amplifying and accelerating the process. In Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops, a series of five short films ranging from 8-14 minutes, 12 climate scientists explain how warming caused by human activity is setting in motion Earth’s own natural mechanisms, releasing additional greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and further heating up the planet. Out of dozens of environmental feedback loops, Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops focuses on four areas, explaining how warming in forests, permafrost, the atmosphere, and the poles work together to accelerate warming cycles.