Report: Major Corporations Vastly Overstate Efforts to Limit Carbon Emissions

Feb 8, 2022

Thought Question: How do you feel about the pace of climate change? How do you define your role in the matter? 

Some of the world’s biggest companies have fallen far short of their pledges to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. That's according to a report released Monday. 

NewClimate Institute released the report. It’s a nonprofit. It tracks efforts to reduce extra-juiceclimate change. The report focuses on “net-zero” emissions pledges. They’re controversial

"Net-zero," in this case, means companies offset their carbon emissions. They do that by paying for projects that remove an equal amount of those emissions from the air. For example, they plant trees. Trees pull carbon from the air. 

Almost all the 25 companies looked at falsely stated their progress, the report said. It named Google as an exception. It praised the company’s efforts.

Amazon and Ikea defended their efforts. They said they’re committed to reducing emissions.

Companies play a big role in helping reach emissions targets. The 2015 Paris climate agreement set key targets. It also gave details on results  of failing to hit the targets.

They include life-threatening heat waves and poverty. We'd see far more severe storms and widespread droughts. People would have less access to water and food. Flooding could wipe out entire cities. 

Photo from Reuters.

What is the purpose of this article? (Common Core RI.5.6; RI.6.6)
a. to inform readers about the findings of a new report released by NewClimate Institute
b. to convince readers not to buy anything from Amazon or Ikea
c. to explain the details of the 2015 Paris Climate Accord
d. to expose the flaws of a new report released by the NewClimate Institute
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