Over a Billion to Celebrate Earth Day on Saturday

Apr 21, 2023

Over a billion people worldwide are expected to celebrate Earth Day on April 22, shining a spotlight on the beauty, complexity, and struggles of our planet. 

Earth Day started in the US in the 1970s. Now, over 190 countries celebrate it. It has inspired huge efforts to protect the planet. They include the Paris Climate Accords. They were signed by 195 nations on Earth Day in 2016. They also include Earth Day Week 2020 demonstrations and activities. Many believe that was the largest online mass movement of people ever.     

People all over will hold events to emphasize the importance of protecting our planet. Here are a few, courtesy of Earthday.org:   

Belo Horizonte, Brazil: University students will get together to look for tropical birds and talk about how to protect their homes.   

TaoYuan City, Taiwan: Woodworkers will teach a class on how to make recycled wood into tables.

Jabalpur, India: AirAsia India will use special fuels that are better for the environment on their first flight. 

Thatcham, England: Volunteers will gather to clean up a children’s park. 

Arlington, Virginia: The Friends of the Mount Vernon Trail will build teams of honeysuckle hunters. They will find and remove the non-native plant from the area.  

Blenheim, New Zealand: The city will have a Picnic in the Park. It will include live music and food. It will also have a craft market and classes about the environment.  

Photo by Noah Buscher courtesy of Unsplash.

What is the author's purpose in writing this article? (Common Core RI.5.6; RI.6.6)
a. to provide examples of how people in the US plan to celebrate Earth Day
b. to encourage readers to take action to protect the environment
c. to encourage readers to take action to protect the environment
d. to explain the history of Earth Day and how people around the world plan to celebrate
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