Frigid Winter Weather Slams Much of US

Jan 16, 2024

Those across the US who had been wondering through a mild holiday season when wintry weather would at last arrive have their answer: now. Snowstorms and frigid temperatures have seized much of the nation. They're snarling travel plans. They're creating dangerous conditions. It's expected to last through the middle of the week.

Over the weekend, winter storms walloped regions across the Pacific Northwest. They killed at least four people. They downed trees and left hundreds of thousands without power. As that system moves eastward, it’s brought bitter cold. It's also brought high winds that have dropped feels-like temperatures from Canada to the Mexican border into the negatives.  Wind chills of -30° Fahrenheit are predicted from the Northern Rocky Mountains through the Midwest throughout the week. The National Weather Service gauges that nearly 80% of the US will see below-freezing temps before the week's end.

Despite the weather, many are trying to forge on. Ahead of the Iowa Republican Caucus on Monday night, former President Donald Trump urged his supporters to head to the polls in spite of the cold. Yet some predictions suggest wind chill could plunge to -40° Fahrenheit.

“You can’t sit home,” Trump said Sunday. “If you’re sick as a dog, you say, ‘Darling, I gotta make it.’ Even if you vote and then pass away, it’s worth it.”

In Buffalo, New York, a snow squall dumped two feet of heavy powder on the city Sunday. It threatened to postpone the Buffalo Bills vs Pittsburgh Steelers NFL playoff game. Yet Governor Kathy Hochul lifted travel bans for fans willing to dig the stadium out. By Monday, the Bills’ shovel-wielding faithful had Highmark Stadium ready to go.

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Reflect: What are some of the challenges faced by communities dealing with freezing temperatures? How can officials help their communities prepare for cold-weather events?

The main idea of the article could best be described as the effects of frigid temperatures and snow on _______. (Common Core RI.5.2; RI.6.2)
a. the Pacific Northwest
b. the Midwest
c. Buffalo, New York
d. various parts of the US
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