Teaching About Climate Change Just Got Easier

SubjectToClimate Team

Aug 6, 2021

A newly-launched website, SubjectToClimate (StC), connects educators with the resources they need to bring climate issues into their classrooms. The platform assembles 100s of vetted teaching resources from over 20 different content providers-- including My NASA Data, the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, and the Nature Conservancy. Those numbers are growing as their team continues to form new partnerships and process new content. StC was created by teachers, for teachers, and all of its resources are available for free.



The website’s features include:


  • All materials have been vetted twice —once by an educator, once by a climate scientist— to ensure that everything is credible, unbiased, objective, and engaging.
  • A straightforward search function allows teachers to find a variety of  materials that match their exact needs in terms of grade level, subject matter, standards, and more.
  • The resources --which include activities, articles, interactive media, videos, datasets, lesson plans, and more-- are meant to augment curricula in all subjects, not just science. Teachers can also help each other identify the best classroom materials by leaving comments and ratings.
  • 40 original lesson plans (and counting!) provide inquiry-based approaches to specific, relevant topics, helping teachers to incorporate climate issues into the subject matter they already teach.
  • In addition to helping teachers find classroom materials, StC serves as a community hub for like-minded educators. Teachers can connect with one another on a community board, seek and share knowledge on a questions board, and discover everything from professional development opportunities to student engagement events! 


StC’s teaching resources currently focus on climate science and environmental justice at the middle school level, but the platform will soon expand into other grade levels and subject matter.


“We’re motivated to truly help educators and develop students’ understanding of climate change,” says StC co-founder Margaret Wang. “It is gratifying to know that teachers are helping us build a tool that can inspire others to integrate climate change into their curricula.”


Today’s students will live lives impacted by the climate crisis-- in many cases, they already do. There is an urgent need for educators to prepare children for this reality. SubjectToClimate can make this task a little easier.


For further information, contact margaret.wang@subjecttoclimate.org.

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