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SubjectToClimate Announces New Jersey Climate Change Education Initiative

By: Amanda Good & Julia Turner

Mar 28, 2022 | 2 minute read

SubjectToClimate Announces New Jersey Climate Change Education Initiative

SubjectToClimate, as a member of the New Jersey Climate Change Education Initiative, will provide a platform and resources to enable NJ schools to meet the new climate change learning standards.

In September 2022, New Jersey will be the first state to integrate climate change education standards across all content areas and grade levels. SubjectToClimate is pleased to support New Jersey schools as educators prepare for this transition. As further indication of New Jersey’s commitment, the governor has allocated $5 million to support schools and created an Office of Climate Education in the Department of Education.


Climate change education is an integral part of mitigating the climate crisis.  A 2020 study found that if we educate all high school students in high and middle income countries (which amounts to 16% of high school students worldwide) about climate change by 2050, we could reduce carbon emissions by 19 gigatons. 


In response, New Jersey School Boards Association, The College of New Jersey, New Jersey Audubon Society, Sustainable Jersey, New Jersey Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, and SubjectToClimate have teamed up to form the New Jersey Climate Change Education Initiative. To ensure that climate change will be properly integrated in every school in New Jersey, this initiative will provide schools with:


  • Easy access to high quality curricular resources from third-party organizations as well as teacher developed lesson plans.
  • High-quality professional learning opportunities developed for all teachers and school staff.
  • Guidance and support for administrators and school boards.


Being a part of this project is a wonderful manifestation of the strength of our platform to connect K-12 teachers of all subjects to credible, unbiased, and engaging materials on climate change. We look forward to supporting New Jersey educators as they adopt these climate change learning standards, as it aligns with our mission to make climate change teaching and learning accessible to all.


Climate change is the planet's most pressing concern, and action is required now. This collaboration speaks to an optimistic future, where climate change education can realize its full potential by enhancing climate change knowledge and inspiring action.