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Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Air Quality Index in CT

This webpage displays tables of the current air quality and levels of fine pollutants (PM 2.

Added: 05/20/24

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Cottontails Crossword

This worksheet includes information about Connecticut's two cottontail species and a crossword puzzle featuring terms from the reading.

Added: 05/20/24

Connecticut Public Radio

How the Artist Captures Climate Change

This podcast features artists and curators of the "Sea Change | See Change" exhibit at the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury...

Added: 05/20/24

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection


This resource briefly describes major habitat types in Connecticut and includes an activity for students to try a habitat survey and a coloring sheet.

Added: 05/20/24

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

A Career as a Wildlife Biologist

This worksheet gives students an overview of a career as a wildlife biologist and includes math word problems and a word searc...

Added: 05/20/24

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

If You Care, Leave it There

In this worksheet, students will learn about the importance of not touching wild animals and then answer comprehension questions ab...

Added: 05/20/24

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Endangered Species of CT

This worksheet gives students information about Connecticut's endangered and threatened species and has activities for students to com...

Added: 05/20/24

Springer Link

Coastal Land Use Methodologies Under Pressure

This scientific report describes research conducted to understand the dynamic interaction between the ocean and l...

Added: 05/17/24

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

How Climate Change Impacts CT Forests

This article describes the extreme weather patterns that are increasing in Connecticut, how forests in the Northeast are...

Added: 05/17/24

Project Oceanography

Shorebird Identification

In this resource, students will learn about the habitats of Connecticut's shorebirds, the impact of pollution of these habitats, and h...

Added: 05/15/24

Yale Insights

What Does It Take to Build a Zero-Emission Hotel?

In this video and included transcript, Yale Alumni and president of Becker and Becker Associates Bruce Becker...

Added: 05/15/24

Connecticut Sea Grant

As More Roads Become Rivers, Communities Search for Solutions

In this 4-page article, students will read about the flooding impacts in Connecticut's coastal co...

Added: 05/15/24

Climate Change Lessons By Teachers

Explore climate change lessons created by teachers for the subjects you teach.


Air Quality and Your Health Lesson 3-5

In this lesson, students learn about air pollution and how it is monitored so they can take action to stay healthy and s...

Added: 05/13/24


Indigenous Storytelling: An Opinion Writing Lesson

Students discuss Kame‘eleihiwa’s view of past and present, reflecting on food choices and climate change.

Added: 05/10/24

Sharing Our Earth: Reading Lesson

Students learn about sharing and discuss and write about the importance of Earth’s biodiversity.

Added: 04/29/24


Earth is Special: Reading Comprehension Lesson

In this reading comprehension lesson, students participate in activities to understand that the Earth’s location...

Added: 04/23/24


Curriculum Planning Guide: Grade K-2 Math

In this Climate Curriculum Planning Guide, teachers will find examples of lesson plans, activities, and strategies fo...

Added: 04/16/24


Health and Air Quality Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students are introduced to the importance of monitoring air quality while staying active.

Added: 04/16/24


Shapes in Nature: Geometry Activity

This activity encourages teachers and students to apply math knowledge to the natural world around them.

Added: 04/15/24


How Clothes Are Made: A Language Arts Lesson

Students learn about clothing production and teach others about the process.

Added: 04/12/24


Migratory Birds: A Design Thinking Project

Students design a local place-based proposal to improve climate resilience for migratory birds.

Added: 04/10/24


Protecting Bees: An Interdisciplinary Lesson

Students learn about the importance of bees and how humans can impact their survival.

Added: 04/04/24


Civics Lesson: Climate Action Plan

Students reflect on their feelings about climate change and create a plan to take meaningful action.

Added: 04/01/24


Music Lesson: Consonance and Dissonance

Students create a consonant and dissonant musical composition in response to the visual effects of climate change.

Added: 03/27/24

News for Students

News articles that can be adjusted to your students' grade levels and enrich their climate learning experience.

May 20

The Perplexing Politics of Puffin Protection

A plan put in place to protect puffins along Britain’s North Sea coast seemed simple enough: ban fishing...

May 17

Report: World Reached Key 30% Clean Energy Mark in 2023

A boom in solar and wind energy use allowed the world to rely on clean energy so...

May 16

Canada's Devastating Wildfires Are Back; Some Never Left

The wildfires that scorched 46 million acres in 2023 across Canada are back. In fact, many of t...

May 14

Baby Orca Marooned in Lagoon Finds Own Way to Freedom

We all need help now and then. But sometimes the one most capable of saving us can be found in a mirror.

May 14

Study Finds Wood Age May Be More Apt Than Stone Age

For decades, scientists have studied ancient humans. And they believed that stone was the chief substance used...

May 13

Floods Kill Hundreds in Afghanistan, Brazil, and Indonesia

Heavy rains from a season of severe weather have struck Afghanistan, Brazil, and Indonesia in recent...

May 10

Spring's Severe Weather Spawns Tornadoes; Warning Systems Save Lives

A rash of strong storms continued to sweep across the US this week. They’ve brought high winds...

May 9

African Aquarium Races to the Rescue of Baby Sea Turtles

A turtle conservation center at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa, is used to nursing b...

May 9

La Niña Is Headed Our Way, But a Cooler Summer May Not Be Coming With It

Our planet is, at last, trending out of the heat-inducing El Niño climate pattern that’s bee...

May 7

AI Algorithm Hunts Down 27,000 New Asteroids

Astronomers used to have just one option to find the more than 1 million asteroids in the asteroid b...

May 6

Most Plastic Waste Produced By Just 56 Companies

It’s not hard to spot plastic waste: Bottles and other plastic items are scattered on roadsides, beaches...

May 6

Humans Only Species to Make Medicine? Not So, Orangutan Shows

For 35 years, researchers have studied the life of Rakus. He's a male orangutan living in Gunung Leuser Nation...

May 2

Land Crunch: Solar Farms Begin to Gobble Up America's Midwest

The solar market's efforts to lease land in the US Midwest for massive solar-panel farms is causing&...

May 1

Goldman Prizes, the "Nobels of Environmentalism," Awarded to Eco-Activists Around the World

Much of the news about the environment is about things getting worse. It can be easy to forget that many peopl...

Apr 30

Teen Finds Rare Lego Treasure Washed Ashore

Some people comb the beach looking for lost pirate treasure. Others scour the sands for their favori...

Apr 29

UN: Warming Planet Kills Thousands of Workers On the Job Each Year

Severe heat triggered by climate change is killing thousands of workers around the world every year. It's...

Apr 26

Scientists Revive Voyager 1 With Computer Fix From 15 Billion Miles Away

Restoring power to a video game console that just won’t turn on can seem hard. Imagine fixing...

Apr 24

Panda Diplomacy Back On: China Agrees to Send Bears to Two US Zoos

Few things have the power to make people grin quite like the roly-poly, black-and-white fuzzitude of panda bea...

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Professional Learning

Find the right professional learning opportunity for you or your school, whether it is support for curriculum development or foundational knowledge about climate change.

Oregon State University

Teaching the Whole Student with Nature Journaling

In this workshop, teachers will go to Jacksonville Woodlands to experience and explore na...

Format: In Person
Date(s) Offered: May 24, 2024 9:00am PDT
American Museum of Natural History

Climate Change

This six-week online course will help teachers build the confidence and knowledge to teach about climate change.

Format: Online: Asynchronous
Date(s) Offered: May 27 - July 7, 2024
Maine Environmental Education Association

Wabanaki Studies Professional Development Workshops

In this workshop, teachers will learn how to incorporate Wabanaki studies into their cl...

Format: In Person
Date(s) Offered: May 11, May 18, June 20

Clean Energy Educator Workshops

In this workshop, teachers will receive 1-4 days of professional learning on the topic of clean energy. Tea...

Format: In Person
Date(s) Offered: May 10, July 15-18, and July 22-25
Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education—College of Natural Resources at UW-Stevens Point

Energy Education: Concepts and Practices

In this self-paced online module, teachers will learn about energy and complete activities at home...

Format: Online: Asynchronous
Date(s) Offered: Rolling Enrollment, Runs from July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024

Developing Climate Change Lessons

In this SubjectToClimate course, teachers learn how to develop K-12 inquiry-based climate lesson plans fo...

Format: Online: Asynchronous
Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education—College of Natural Resources at UW-Stevens Point

Solar Energy Potential: Dashboard Technology as a Teaching Tool for Inquiry

This self-paced online module will help middle school and high...

Format: Online: Asynchronous
Date(s) Offered: Rolling Enrollment, Runs from July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024
The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education

The Cloud Institute's Education for Sustainability Benchmarks for Individual and Social Learning

The Cloud Institute's Education for Sustai...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

Teaching Climate

This guide is designed to help middle and high school science teachers incorporate climate topics into their classrooms. K...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

8 Ways to Teach Climate Change in Almost Any Classroom

This article includes eight tips for how to teach about climate change. Tips include...

Format: Online: Asynchronous

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